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Be ready for what is coming/Allen & Martine Coaches

April 14, 2022 Allen & Martine
The Wilkies
Be ready for what is coming/Allen & Martine Coaches
Show Notes

How to dominate your life ? Hustling too much ? Know that 80% is the system of God and 20% is the tools you need. You need God more on your side. 

But how ? 

God's favor is in your life when you do His system, when you follow His laws. You have to learn it to be successful, to fulfill your call. Concepts, strategies and revelations will starts to download in your live. It will change your life!

Are you ready for what is taking place? Do you know the strategies to succeed in this new world? What God is saying about this agenda from this system taking place? Can we thrive in this season and succeed?

 It's serious... 

We can tell you that you need to get ready the rapture. You have to put everything on your side to be part of this big event. You have to learn how to get there and be in action to serve our God. 

The world is changing very quickly, and you have to know how to protect your family and yourself from the war that has begun. 
Don't let the fear makes you take the wrong decision. 

You have to learn the system of God now and put actions in your life. When we obey to God and we follow his laws and the truth instead of trying to walk in our own ways, we receive so much more! God created you for one mission, you have to accomplish it right now. There's no more time to walk by ourselves, we have to have God on our side. 

Do you know the 12 months cycle of God ? 

Invest in yourself and listen to this show to know how to win your battles.